Some people are fond of saying that for certain kinds of questions, having the question is more interesting than learning the answer. If you mention that at least some of these questions can now be answered in some detail, they are offended!

Personally, I don’t have any questions I’d prefer to leave unanswered. When I ask, it is because I want to know. Science has no use for rhetorical questions.

Oh, there’s a grain of truth in the idea that no matter how much you know about this world or how you came to be a part of it some kind of mystery remains. You never get to the final “Why?” or the ultimate “Here’s why!” But this is just a facet of human psychology, not a general truth about nature. To call life, or the world, or the universe questions is to miss the point. The point is: here we are, on this planet, in this life, at this moment. These are not questions, they are facts, and that is why they are beautiful.