I always thought Michael Ruse was intellectually challenged. Turns out he’s a world-class moron.

The most interesting thing that the creationists are doing is pointing, as Matthew says, at the beams in the eyes of the evolutionists. Meaning that we all too often get into evolutionism and link up our evolutionary positions with social prescriptions and with atheism.

I’m all in favor of social prescriptions, and I’m not knocking anybody for being an atheist. I call myself a skeptic, but that’s a hell of a lot closer to atheism than it is to Christianity. But I want to see what grounds you have for saying that, and whether or not your positions follow from one another. If they do, maybe you should ask yourself, “Am I not being a hypocrite in teaching evolutionary biology in American schools?” Given the fact that it’s clearly illegal. You’re not allowed to teach religion in biology class.

I can’t understand why I can’t get through people’s thick skulls on this one. If in fact Darwinian evolutionary theory implies atheism, then you ought not to be teaching it in schools! It’s not good enough to say, “Well, I’m a National Socialist. But the fact that that meant a lot of Jews were hauled off to Auschwitz, that’s not my worry!” It bloody is! If your theory leads to 6 million Jews being made into soap, not only is there something deeply troubling about your theory, but you’ve got a moral obligation to face up to its implications. If this theory leads to atheism, then it’s got religious implications.

Excuse me? Are you linking atheism with Nazism? Let’s not even go there. Let me just point out that If I say, “I don’t eat ice cream because it makes me sick,” I have not named my favorite flavor of ice cream. I don’t have a favorite flavor; I dislike all ice cream. Why doesn’t Ruse understand this? Is he on the payroll of the “Discovery” Institute?