On the front page of today’s Post:

Bush Says Detainees Will Be Tried
He Confirms Existence of CIA Prisons

President Bush yesterday announced the transfer of the last 14 suspected terrorists held by the CIA at secret foreign prisons to the military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and said he wants to try them before U.S. military panels under proposed new rules he simultaneously sent to Congress.

Bush’s statement during an impassioned East Room speech represented the first time he has confirmed the existence of the CIA program under which Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the self-proclaimed mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, and others have been secretly held and subjected to irregular interrogation methods.


Of course there’s just one problem with this announcement. Given his behavior up to now, it would be unwise to belive anything this mother-fucking shit-faced liar says, ever again.

And given this, given that this is a plain fact, known absolutely to everyone, that this President never tells the truth except by accident or as a clever way of deceiving, given this, isn’t it weird that the Washington Post keeps printing his statements verbatim, just the way he said them? I mean, they know that what he says is almost certain to be false. Why would they put a lie on the front page of the paper? – knowing it to be a lie? That makes no fucking sense. “Bush Says Detainees Will Be Tried” – what is that supposed to mean? Am I supposed to believe what Bush says?

Newspapers, which ought to have noticed by now that nothing Dubya says can be trusted, should not quote him without some kind of disclaimer. He can say anything and they will print it and it has the ring of authority by being both in a president’s voice and in a newspaper’s headline. This misleading practice must stop immediately. There must be some sort of advisory, either following the quote:

Bush Says Detainees Will Be Tried
But Is Presumably Lying

… or preceding it:

Bush Makes (Presumably False) Announcement
Says “Detainees Will Be Tried”

Then we would have newspapers reporting the truth instead of lies. It wouldn’t solve the whole Bush problem, but it would be a nice start.