This mix (YASHWATA’s first musical offering) was inspired by Linda Nagata’s spellbinding novel of the far future, Vast. Can a music mix be “about” ethics, or politics, or philosophy? That’s a topic for another time. For now, just listen.

Download the Vast Mix (mp3 format, 192K quality, 103 megabytes) | Download the booklet (pdf format)

0:02 Isan Working in dust 3:49
3:48 Yasume Peculiar fascination 4:26
7:47 Markus Guentner Chrom 7:45
15:29 Proem When frailty fails 4:02
19:14 Modul Shift II 9:47
28:55 Yagya Magik journey 7:28
36:14 Seefeel Plainsong 7:44
43:52 Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto Moon 6:07
49:40 Xela Her eyes sparkled and she walked away 5:55
55:28 Underworld Thing in a book 20:14

This mix is not posted here so that people can download music for free. It is posted here to introduce some beautiful but obscure music to people who might not otherwise have been aware of it. We have linked each song name to a merchant page where you can buy the album. (This will not necessarily be the best place to buy the album. We trust you to decide that.)

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