We now live in an America unrecognizable to anyone who lived in it before George W. Bush first claimed the White House as his personal property, or who simply went to bed last night believing that this administration and this congress is worthy of even the smallest amount of respect or trust.George W. Bush and the 109th Congress have betrayed America. Whether through willful ignorance, crass stupidity or venal partisanship – it matters not – they are traitors to the Constitution they are sworn to uphold. Supposedly honorable men like McCain, Graham and Warner – masquerading as “moderates” – have sold out not only themselves, but every citizen of the United States as well, pimping the lives and futures of each and every one of us to their own aggrandizement.

The Republican Party stands fully revealed; no longer the Party of Lincoln, but the party of torture, the abuse of basic human rights, and unrestrained executive power. If there is any justice left in the United States of America, the GOP will never recover from the base actions it took on September 28th.

Sensen No Sen