Everyone seems to be pondering the “problem” of how to withdraw from Iraq. Here’s how you do it: you give the order.

Cease fire immediately.

The people on the ground are military personnel. They don’t say, Gee, I’m not sure. They say, Yes, sir. The brass says Jump, and they say, How high? The brass should say:

Cease fire immediately.

Obviously there are criteria according to which this solution is less than optimal. But those considerations are secondary to fact that our armed forces are over there, right now, killing people. We sent them there to kill people. That was wrong. It was among the worst things this nation has ever done. And we know that now, but we’re still doing it. We must call our forces back, right now, before anyone else is killed. The longer we wait, the more people die. We must stop. Right. Now.

Getting the men out is not the problem. That they are there is the problem; getting them out is the solution. People are dying over there. We must stop killing. It’s that simple! Stop killing! — not according to some schedule, but now!

Everyone’s asking how should we handle or schedule or organize or justify the pullout. That is bullshit. The war is something we’re doing, and we have to stop doing it. There is no how! Just stop! We notice what we’re doing, and that it is terrible, and we stop. Give the order, not some day, not even today, but right now. Say something like this. Translate it into militarese if you want to, but do it now.

Do not kill one more person. Do not fire another fucking shot. Stop fighting, right now. Pack up your things, starting now.

Come home.

Commanders, I challenge you. How many troops can you reach today, before the sun goes down? Close this browser window and get started. Thank you.