Update 28 November 2006. The arithmetic in my original posting was off by an order of magnitude. I have created a new image and rewritten the whole post. –Roy Sablosky

I didn’t want to go through all this but someone had to.

Here is a schematic representation of someone who has been killed.

Imagine this person lying at the very corner of an American football field. (Without the end zones it is 300 feet long by 160 feet wide.)

The next picture shows twenty-five such people laid head to toe across the field.

A hundred of these rows would cover the whole field: twenty-five hundred men, women and children…

… but that is only one half of one percent of the damage that has been done: about half a million have died (comparable to the population of Tucson, Arizona; Portland, Oregon; or Washington, D.C.). In the next image, the dead are stacked in columns of twenty…

… giving fifty thousand. Finally let us picture ten such fields. We have to pull far back to take it all in. This last drawing represents five hundred thousand murders.

And remember, the people responsible for this are nowhere near done. They are still doing what they have been doing for three and a half years. A hundred more Iraqis are being killed every day. Nor have we mentioned the wounded, who vastly outnumber the dead; the widows and orphans; the homes and schools and hospitals ruined… If Saddam Hussein deserves the death penalty for his crimes, what do Bush and Cheney and Rice and Rumsfeld deserve?