I do not understand the purpose of a non-binding resolution to scale back America’s war in Iraq.

First, if it is non-binding it is useless. Bush and Cheney were scoffing at the very idea before it even came up for a vote. They don’t care what the Congress thinks — they never have. They just pretend to care, when such a charade will support their plans.

Second, the proposal is much too weak. Has everyone forgotten that our troops are over there right now, killing and being killed, every single day? Has everyone forgotten that this war was based on lies from the very beginning? — that it benefits no one except Bush and his cabal? Nor was it intended to!

How can this unspeakable crime be debated with such timidity in Congress? I think you should vote against any non-binding resolution and work on actually ending the war as soon as possible. It was an evil venture from the start, and it needs to be ended, now. At this moment it does not even matter who is to blame for starting it. (Impeachment can wait.) Are you opposed to this despicable campaign of murder and destruction? Of course you are — so stand up and say so! I am begging you, do your best to stop the killing, today.

Thank you.