[Updated 7 March 2008: added lots more links]

It’s a no-brainer to me that people who design, manufacture or sell weapons are effectively murderers. What do they imagine their products are going to be used for — landscaping? So I did a little digging and put together a short list of companies to avoid. I don’t expect to make a dent in their bottom line. I just want to feel one percent better about my own life.

Brands to boycott Why?
Autolite part of Honeywell
BAE Systems because they are murderers
Bell Helicopter part of Textron
Boeing because they are murderers
Braun part of Kaz
Bug Off (bug spray) part of Kaz
Carrier part of United Technologies
Cessna Aircraft part of Textron
Chubb part of United Technologies
Colt’s Manufacturing because they are murderers
Computer Sciences Corp. because they are murderers
Dillard’s credit card unit is part of GE Capital
Dunlap (heating pads) part of Kaz
Duracraft (humidifiers) part of Honeywell
E-Z-Go (golf carts) part of Textron
Enviracare (air cleaners) part of Kaz
Fram (auto parts) part of Honeywell
Garrett (auto parts) part of Honeywell
GE Capital part of General Electric
General Dynamics because they are murderers
General Electric because they are murderers
Greenlee (tools) part of Textron
Honeywell because they are murderers
Kaz Licenses the name Honeywell for home products. Innocent? Not if it involves Kaz paying Honeywell for the privilege – and that’s just what licensing is.
Kidde part of United Technologies
Lockheed Martin because they are murderers
Montgomery Ward part of GE Capital
MSNBC partnership between General Electric and Microsoft
NBC part of General Electric
Northrop Grumman because they are murderers
Nosquito (mosquito lures for bug zappers) part of Kaz
Otis part of United Technologies
Penske Truck Leasing part of GE Capital
Prestone (auto supplies) part of Honeywell
Protec (humidifier supplies) part of Kaz
Raytheon because they are murderers
SmartTemp (heating pads) part of Kaz
SoftHeat (heating pads) part of Kaz
Stinger (bug zappers) part of Kaz
Telemundo part of NBC
Textron because they are murderers
United Defense part of BAE
United Technologies because they are murderers
Vicks part of Kaz