Another anniversary. Another hundred thousand ruined bodies strewn across the ground. Another three hundred billion dollars spent on houses and cars and planes and yachts for your business buddies, the world’s most successful merchants of death. (They charged us three million dollars for each of those hundred thousand murders — far more than such a service is worth.) Another year of continuous, limitless, shameless mendacity from your mouth and the mouths of those around you, all day long, 365 days in a row.

Mr. Bush, as we begin our sixth year under the miserable burden of your many colossal and foul crimes, I would like to remind you of the traditional punishment for traitors: hanging.

Yes, you have escaped so far. You may be safe for years to come. Perhaps you will elude justice to the very end; some hideous, evil men do manage this. But it is just possible that as the dark thrall lifts, as the nation emerges from your evil spell, attention will at long last be turned toward finding the true cause of the staggering misfortunes that have overtaken Iraq, Afghanistan, and the United States of America. It might just happen that a large number of highly influential people start to figure it out, and realize how terribly they were misled for so many years, and become very, very angry.

You are the cause of all this pain. I blame you personally. You were, in your own sophomoric language, “the decider.” You are at fault, and you deserve the consequences. Charles Manson was given life in prison for plotting to kill ten or twenty people. On a similar scale, the punishment you might deserve is literally unimaginable.

So I don’t know what other people think about this problem. But, speaking only for myself: I would settle for seeing you hang.