Well, it might be too little, and it might be too late, but it should be done anyway. Everyone should be talking about it. The words should be in the air: “You are evil. We know you are evil. You will not get off scot-free.” Go to WexlerWantsHearings.com and add yourself to the supporters list. You can also download the text of Kucinich’s articles of Impeachment.

Congress gave him authorization to use force as a last resort. He did not use it as a last resort–it’s what he had wanted all along. He should have been impeached as soon as this was realized. Why that did not happen–this question will burn in my gut until the day I die. I will never forgive either the Bush administration or any member of Congress for this betrayal of everything that is good. In my opinion, no one in the Congress worked hard enough on trying to stop the war. Oh, some must have worked hard on it, and a much smaller number must have felt that they were doing all they could. Well, that’s not enough for me. Why didn’t we see a single person out of order? Could no one take the risk of standing on a desk?–shouting?–crying?–making a scene?–getting arrested? How much risk should a public servant be willing to take, to fight a war that has cost a trillion dollars and half a million lives? If you have some chance of making a difference, how far should you go? No one tried anything unusual. There should have been wailing and gnashing of teeth. There should have been walkouts, sit-ins, and reckless publicity stunts. The vitriol and name-calling should have been shocking and relentless. How on Earth can you be polite on this topic? A band of evil men led our nation into war for their own sick purposes–and no one dares to shout in the sacred chambers.

I’m still waiting.