BoingBoing has a post called Are Muslim Women Oppressed? Ask One. In it, guest blogger Aman Ali quotes Mariam Sobh saying things like:

Oppression is such a loaded word and it conjures up all sorts of negative images

Both of these observations are beside the point. The point is that oppression is bad, and you are a victim of it.

I’m not harming anyone by wearing a piece of material on my head so what’s the big deal?

You are validating a system of oppression. It has not harmed you — yet — but it is harming millions of other women. How can you not understand that?

it’s something I believe is mandated in my religion. No one is forcing me

Listen to yourself! It’s mandated by your religion, but no one is forcing you?

It all comes down to personal interpretation and understanding

No, it comes down to grievous harms being perpetrated against millions of women in the name of religion.

It’s a testament to myself that I want to be a better person

Better in what way? — more compassionate, perhaps? Is that what you’re going for?

If people try to use Islam as a way to manipulate women then those individuals are sick and twisted.

Yes. So turn around and look at who is manipulating you. They are sick and twisted — and they must be so happy.

I’m thankful that I have the life I do, where I can practice what I believe and not worry about anyone forcing me to do something against my will.

Sooooo happy!

I submitted a comment for this post and it got disemvoweled, even though it was perfectly civilized. Here’s what it said:

“I do so because it’s something I believe is mandated in my religion. No one is forcing me”

You missed it. Listen to yourself. Your religion is forcing you.

Comments from Muslim women are not more valuable than comments from anyone else. This is because Muslims have been brainwashed. If you have not been brainwashed, you will not declare yourself to be Muslim. There is nothing in it for you. Nothing. Being Muslim is of no benefit to the believer. However, in strongly Islamic areas if you refuse to be Muslim they will kill you. Most Muslims accept their religion for exactly one reason: they have no choice.

So, BoingBoing published a hideously disingenuous article — and then trashed my dissenting comment, which contained not a single misstatement of fact (and no swear-words). I am therefore deleting BoingBoing from my reader list. I can no longer trust it not to be stupid, so I do not plan to read it ever again.